A collection of unique digital business tools, these programs designed exclusively by GETS for local independent business



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GETS Rewards

GETS Local App allows consumers to access hundreds of local business rewards with thousands of Premium Deals all through one app never having to sign up for a reward card again!


GETS Store

GETS Store iPoS  (Internet Point of Sale) allows establishments to process reward and trade payments with any Android, Windows or IOS device, from virtually anywhere. The iPoS can track deals and sales in real-time 


GETS Trade

GETS Trade Is the main admin hub for members to access the GETS Platform where they can trade with other members, administer their account, create marketing campaigns to generate sales



Loyalty Exchange  

GETS Rewards: is a collection of independent loyalty programs interconnected via the GETS Loyalty Exchange platform all delivered on one single App

Social Commerce  

GETS Social: gives businesses the ability to share links to their Premium Deals and Promotional Ads directly from the GETS marketplace to their own social pages

Data Analytics  

GETS Insights: ​enables businesses to analyse and better understand each of their customer’s and followers’ activity such as frequency of visits.

E-Direct Marketing  

GETS Direct: Where you can send messages, and broadcast your Promos & Deals directly to your customers and your followers’ devices from the GETS platform via Push, Email and Texts

Capacity Exchange  

GETS Trade: gives businesses the option to accept Local Credits for Goods and Services that would otherwise remain unsold

Local Markets  

GETS Markets: consists of two separate but interconnected B2B & B2C local markets delivering to the local business buyers and consumers

Collaborative Network  

GETS Together: encourages participating businesses to collaborate by putting their resources at each other's disposal and keeping it circulating within their local economy

Sharing Economy  

GETS Local: enables businesses to promote their Goods and Services to new, existing and each other’s customers through the Loyalty Exchange Platform