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Discover the innovative online marketplace tailored to foster local engagement and community growth like no other platform. Experience its unique programs crafted to drive foot traffic and forge meaningful connections within our communities.

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At GetsLocal, we're not just about supporting local businesses; we're on a mission to transform how communities thrive. Recognising the vital role local businesses play in our economy, we've created a dynamic platform. It's not just about exclusive deals; it's about simplifying the connection between consumers and local businesses, empowering communities to flourish.

Our commitment goes beyond convenience; it's about fostering a sense of togetherness. We believe in the strength that comes from supporting each other. Join us in building a community where businesses prosper, consumers benefit, and together, we redefine what it means to uplift and empower. GetsLocal is more than a platform; it's a catalyst for community transformation.


Getslocal focuses on boosting the velocity of the Local Pound through uniquely designed tools, aiming to encourage local businesses and consumers to buy locally.  We believe our programs will enhance relationships within the Retail and Trade community including farmer markets, craft fairs, and shows etc, emphasising the real power of community action in their spending choices and recognising the significant impact on them and the local economy.

Capacity Exchange

GETS Trade ​GETS Trade operates as a dynamic capacity exchange platform empowering businesses to efficiently manage their surplus capacity or unsold goods. By leveraging Trade Credits, member businesses can seamlessly exchange these assets for essential goods and services within the network, preserving their valuable cash reserves for critical expenditures. This innovative system facilitates a mutually beneficial ecosystem where businesses optimize their resources while fostering sustainable economic growth it.

Loyalty Exchange

GETS Rewards:  ​revolutionizes the loyalty landscape by offering consumers seamless access to a diverse array of independent local businesses' loyalty programs. Through the interconnected GETS Loyalty Exchange platform, all accessible via a single app, savvy consumers enjoy unparalleled convenience. By patronizing local businesses and availing themselves of enticing deals, consumers earn rewards, enhancing their overall shopping experience while supporting their community


increasing customer retention by just 5% can lead to an increase in revenue of up to 95%


of customers prefer buying from local businesses where possible.


of consumers spend more with companies whose loyalty programs they are a part of.


of consumers say they would buy more from local businesses if they offered rewards and promotions.  

*based on a survey carried out by getslocal UK of  Aberdeenshire based consumers