GETS Rewards

The Loyalty Exchange

A New Type of Loyalty

GETS Rewards. It is a network of independent local loyalty programs unified under the getslocal network and accessible through a single app. 

This offers enhanced convenience to getslocal club members, who are generously rewarded for supporting local businesses like yours with exclusive VIP deals and rewards.

 Solo Points

On the getslocal club App, Club Members can earn Solo Points from their favourite Merchants with every purchase.  These Solo Points can ONLY be used to purchase Solo Deals from the Merchants where they earned them. If they have already earned Premium Points from other Merchants, they can use their Premium Points to top up to the next Solo Deal level.  

 Premium Points

Premium Merchants can issue Premium Points with every purchase, or consumers can find Premium Deals where they get special prices and can use secret promo codes for greater discounts when spending their Premium Points, Premium Deals gives them the opportunity to earn more Premium Points which can be spent at all getslocal Merchants.  

3 easy steps to get started
GETS Rewards

1. Sign up for  GETS Rewards  & build 
your own Loyalty Program

Create your custom Loyalty program for your business. 

Sign up new and existing customers through the GETS POS App or your own unique signup page using your QR code. 

Boost customer engagement and loyalty effortlessly.

2. Use GETS  Rewards to keep your customers coming back for more

Delight your customers with rewards every time they shop, courtesy of Solo or Premium Points. These points can be redeemed for vouchers, deals, discounts, or special offers from your business.

Leverage this valuable customer data to identify your key customers and entice them back with personalized rewards and premium deals designed exclusively for them. 

Show your appreciation and keep them coming back for more!

3. Promote your business and attract new customers with Premium Deals

Every person signed up to the getslocal Club Rewards App becomes a potential customer for your business - whether they signed up in-store or downloaded the app somewhere else. 

Promote your business to new customers through the getslocal Club App by posting Special OffersPremium Deals & Limited Time Promotions, visible instantly to club members on their phones.

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