Solo Points  

On the getslocal club App Club Members can earn Solo Points from their favourite Merchants with every purchase.  These Solo Points can ONLY be used to purchase Solo Deals from the Merchants where they earned them. If they have already earned Premium Points from other Merchants, they can use their Premium Points to top up to the next Solo Deal level.  

Solo Points classed as a ​deferred discounts and businesses can issue them however they like as the business.

 Premium Points

Selected Premium Merchants can issue Premium Points with every purchase, or consumers can find Premium Deals where they get special prices and can use secret promo codes for greater discounts when spending their Premium Points, Premium Deals gives them the opportunity to earn more Premium Points which can be spent at all getslocal Merchants.  

You can treat Premium Points just like cash because they can be recycled and reissued to customers or if you wish, convert them into Trade Credits to spend in the GETS Trade marketplace.


When GETS Trade members conduct a transaction in the GETS Trade B2B Marketplace they use a parallel digital currency known as  Trade Credits AKA Trade Pounds/Dollars this currency is an Enterprise backed Trade Credit Obligation (TCO), which is based on a financial architecture known as a Peer-to-Peer Mutual Credit Clearing System. In the case of the GETS Trade capacity exchange system it is a closed loop complementary currency system where the Trade Credits are backed by Local Businesses similar to the Swiss Wir Bank.