Together, we can make a difference one trade at a time

Welcome to the Getslocal platform that understands the immense power of connections and the transformative impact they can have on our lives. We recognize that as business owners, supporting local enterprises and harnessing our own capacities instills a profound sense of pride and fulfillment.

That's precisely why we have created this platform – to foster meaningful connections between individuals and businesses, resulting in benefits for everyone involved.

The loyalty Exchange program is designed to reward customers for positively contributing to their communities. Simultaneously, The  Capacity Exchange empowers businesses to operate with enhanced efficiency and seamlessness. By joining us on this journey, you can actively contribute to a brighter future, one where we prioritize relationships, local commerce, and personal growth.

Discover the incredible potential of our digital business tools, carefully crafted to complement and augment your existing operations. With Getslocal, you can unlock new avenues for success and propel your business to greater heights.


Building strong communities one transaction at a time with Getslocal: where community is our currency.

Trade Credits


The "Trade Credit" is backed by the obligations of the business members to provide goods or services.

Premium Ponts


Premium Merchants can issue Premium Points, which can then be spent at all getslocal Merchants.  

Merchant Solo Points


Solo Points are issued by Merchants and used to purchase Solo discount deals with the merchant’s where they were earned.

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When GETS Trade members conduct a transaction in the GETS Trade B2B Marketplace they use a parallel digital currency known as  Trade Credits AKA Trade Pounds/Dollars this currency is an Enterprise backed Trade Credit Obligation (TCO), which is based on a financial architecture known as a Peer-to-Peer Mutual Credit Clearing System. In the case of the GETS Trade capacity exchange system it is a closed loop complementary currency system where the Trade Credits are backed by Local Businesses similar to the Swiss Wir Bank.