Community is THE Currency


Do you ever wonder what happens to ​your money when you spend it?




How The Battle Begins

Local business owners need to understand that there is hope, and there is strength in their numbers, collaboration is their biggest weapon, and putting their resources at each other's disposal is their ammunition. The smart way to fight the enemy is to unite and use their strategies and weapons against them and put these weapons in the hands of smart independent businesses. 

The Right Tools for the Job   

By accessing and using the getslocal unique range of smart digital business tools which have been designed specifically for the agile local business owner. The GETS Digital Toolbox has been created to help turn the tide back in the favour of the Grassroots Economic liberators who sacrifice a lot to defend their businesses and their community’s wealth. See more...


What the Plan looks like at 60,000 Feet

Starts with fixing what needs to be fixed, first by training independent businesses on how to fight back against these giants and their seemingly overwhelming superior forces.

The Summary 

First Muster local businesses to...

  1. Agree that they are not alone but are in this together with other locals.
  2. Understand how the real strength and power is in their numbers.
  3. Change their thinking about each other as the competition.
  4. Understand their REAL competition is the Online Giants and Big Box Retailers.
  5. Cooperate and organise local meetings and GETS Together events.
  6. Register and set up their business on the GETS Platform.
  7. Register their customers on the getslocal club platform.
  8. Collaborate while putting their resources at each other's disposal.
  9. Add their goods and services to both GETS B2B and B2C Markets.
  10. Share their deals on their and buy local social media groups.


Unveiling the Path Forward in Detail

Our battle plan commences with addressing crucial areas in need of repair. Our foremost objective revolves around enlightening independent businesses about the means to counteract colossal adversaries. Despite their seemingly overwhelming might, we believe in arming local enterprises with strategies and digital tools to level the playing field.

1. Rallying the Local Troops

The heart of our strategy lies in gathering local businesses and fostering a sense of unity. Together, they shall acknowledge that their struggles are collective and interconnected. This realization forms the bedrock of our united front.

2. Harnessing the Power in Numbers

Our campaign aims to illustrate the potency of unity. Local businesses will grasp that their combined strength far outweighs the challenges they face individually. This awareness shall be their cornerstone.

3. Redefining Competitors

We're reshaping their perspective. No longer, competitors, these businesses will embrace each other as comrades-in-arms, united against a common foe. The true rivalry lies not within, but against Online Giants and Big Box Retailers

4. Embracing Collaboration

Fostered by the spirit of cooperation, local enterprises will come together through organized gatherings and engaging GETS Together events. This communion shall breathe life into a network of shared values and resources.

5. Uniting on the GETS Platform

Local businesses shall join forces on the GETS Platform, pooling their strengths and offerings. A consolidated front will emerge, presenting a formidable challenge to the external forces that threaten their existence.

6. Empowering the Community

The Getslocal club platform will serve as a nexus for customer engagement. Businesses shall register their loyal patrons, magnifying the sense of belonging and purpose within the community.    

7. Synergizing Resources

Through collaborative efforts, businesses will tap into each other's resources. This reciprocal exchange will bolster their collective capabilities, further solidifying their stance.

8. Expanding Market Presence

By integrating their products and services into both GETS B2B and B2C markets, local businesses will attain unprecedented visibility and access, enabling them to rival the reach of industry giants.

9. Amplifying Local Voices

Capitalizing on the strength of local social media groups, businesses will not only showcase their deals but also advocate for the significance of buying local. This amplification will reverberate throughout the community, magnifying their impact.


When a Community Gets Together!

Getslocal Business Members

Business Members get access to a Customer Acquisition, Marketing and Sharing Platform where businesses can share marketing expenses and customers by accessing GETS Rewards a community loyalty program designed for SMEs.

The result is a steady flow of new customers with a unique comeback strategy which helps to retain & attract Customers at a low cost,  with the bonus of rewarding their customers at their wholesale costs.

Businesses Members have the ability to send push notifications or email offers directly to customers and followers with NO additional cost for marketing directly to them on their phones.

With GETS there are no long-term contracts, and GETS Business Members can trade their unsold capacity or products with hundreds of other GETS Business Members to pay their expenses which helps reduce costs and improve cash flow, slashing cash expenses.